Kazem Jalali: The Supreme Leader’s word on the question of the president is a proof for us

It is time the parliament representatives send a signed letter to the Supreme Leader and announce that they take their question to achieve his aims”, the Head of Majlis research Center said.
In an interview with Fars News Agency parliamentary correspondent, Referring to the Supreme Leader’s speech on appreciating the state and parliament and the subject of the question of the president on last Wednesday and the necessity to stop it, Kazem Jalali, the Head of Fundamentalist Supreme Leader Followers Fraction stated, “the Supreme Leader’s word is a proof for us and what he devises, is our own task that we must act on it”.
He thanked his attention to the parliament and questioners (representatives) and added that in a situation where the Supreme Leader provided, it is time both questioners and the rest of the representatives through a signed letter announce to the Supreme Leader that they take their question from the president to achieve the Supreme Leader’s aims.
In the Fundamentalist Supreme Leader Followers Fraction, we have frequently announced that obeying the Supreme Leader is our policy and undoubtedly, this fraction will continue its efforts to achieve his aims, Jalali said.


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