The Office of Budget and Plan Studies of Majlis Research Center:

Development Planning in China

In the process of optimal planning model studies, Majlis Research Center reviewed development planning in China.

According to the Public Relations Office of MRC, China with 9 million and 600 thousand square kilometers (km2) is the fourth largest country of the world and its population is more than one billion and 300 million, the Office of Budget and Plan Studies discussed.
Thematically, planning in China such as the former Soviet Union was first central method; focusing on the heavy industries but over time, general guidelines and guidance objectives have been addressed as well as planning organization has been limited just with developing strategies. Until 1970, the nature of plans was imperative and over time, they were guided and since mid-1990 with the discussion of the revival of the State, plans have been more guided naturally. At first, the development of industrial infrastructures then agricultural were fields of which emphasized by plans but then, economic modernization and more improvement of economic ways have been taken into consideration. Now, planners mainly focus on strategies to improve the level of knowledge and higher human development as well as expand the competition.


China, Competition, Development, Guidance, Imperative, Improvement, Modernization, Planning, Strategies