The Office of Infrastructure Studies of Majlis Research Center:

Assessment of the performance of agricultural sector’s productivity goals

Majlis Research Center reviewed productivity goals of agricultural sector within the framework of development plans.

Increasing awareness of the people and institutions on the one hand and the willingness of countries to economic development on the other hand, have been gradually disturbed the balance between available resources and the needs or the balance between demand and supply. Since new investments can not meet the needs and demands; better use of previous human and physical investments that are known as available resources of countries is increasingly taken into consideration. Now the issue as promote productivity has become a serious challenge in the economy among policymakers, the Office of Infrastructure Studies discussed.

Better use of available resources, production of goods and services with less cost and time, do the right thing by the right way, efficiency as well as effectiveness and … of such definitions that are gradually used to define and explain the concept of conductivity. From the economic point of view, getting the most production of a certain set of inputs and getting a certain level of lower inputs are defined as productivity growth or improvement and (output- input) production index is used to evaluate it in different forms, Public Relations Office of MRC reported.

Economic growth and development is not only based on new investments and new human and physical capacity building, but also make better use of previous and current investments is another important approach to achieve the goals of growth and development. Accordingly, there are three major approaches to achieve economic growth and development that have been classified as follows:
- Economic Development Model based on the enhancement of factors of production (new investment),
- Economic Development Model based on promoting productivity approach (better use of assets and facilities),
- Economic Development Model with the combined approach (new investment and promoting productivity).


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