Supreme Leader of the revolution in the midst of thousands of people in Qom stated:

Enemy’s known intention is to intercept people’s patriotic participation

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in a gathering of thousands of devoted and revolutionary people of Qom expressed that evidently, enemies are to prevent the people's full presence during the elections and warned: All, even those who might sympathetically issue general recommendations should be conscious about not promoting the enemy’s ill intention.
According to Public Relations Office of the MRC and based on the reports released by the Supreme Leader’s news headquarters, this morning (Tuesday, 8th of January 2013) during the gathering of thousands of devoted and revolutionary people of Qom, he acknowledged the blessings achieved as a result of 19th Day (Persian Calendar) uprising of Qom’s people were the true signs of Almighty’s honoring of his promises.
The Supreme Leader also stated: Presidential candidates must be in true sense of word attached and belonged wholeheartedly to the system including the constitution and they should truthfully follow the constitution. This is because an elected president takes his oath according to the constitution and therefore he should not pledge his allegiance in disbelief.


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