Jalali in his meeting with the Head of State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties said:

No one among the heads of governmental branches should have worries about budget

Measures should be devised in a way that a head of government branch not to have budget allocation uncertainty and particularly Judiciary Branch should be able to attend to its supervisory tasks without any budgetary difficulties.
According to public Relations Office of the MRC, Ahmad Tooserkani, Deputy of the Judiciary and Head of the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties met with Head of the MRC, Kazem Jalali and discussed problems concerning different affairs of the said organization such as Cadastre Plan, automation process of registration of deeds and properties' issues related to patent registration and budgetary shortcomings of the Judiciary and the above mentioned organization.
Head of the MRC pledged support of the Center towards transparency and computerization program of Organization of Registration of Deeds and Properties and added that it should receive its budget in order to discharge its responsibilities effectively. However, it should be reminded that this organization is among the entities which generate income. Laws and rules must be in a way that Head of the Judiciary Branch should not have any worries over budgetary matters and budget allocation because by doing so not only the segregation of branches takes place, it also benefits the Judiciary Branch to concentrate on its own legal duties.


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