At the meeting of CICIR President with the Head of Majlis Research Center

Scientific Apartheid an unacceptable Practice

Head of Majlis Research Center (MRC) Kazem Jalali, hailed Iran's amazing achievements in science and technology and lashed out western exercise of scientific apartheid against other countries.

In a meeting with Ji Zhiye, President of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) in Tehran on Monday, Iranian lawmaker said" Today Iran has made remarkable efforts in producing science and has achieved encouraging progress in the fields of stem cells, biotechnology, nanotechnology, nuclear and steel industries.", MRC’s Public Relations reported.
He underlined Iran's readiness to share its scientific achievements with other countries and added” There should be no scientific apartheid in the world and no discriminatory practices in the enjoyment of human scientific achievements. All the world nations should be able to benefit from the knowledge and power that gifted to them for ruling their countries and helping humanity. Jalali went on to say that man's technological achievements should not put human peace and security in jeopardy.
He also criticized media outlets for presenting a distorted image of Iran and said Western media ploy constantly try to keep the people across the world aloof of the realities about Iran by airing biased inculcations about the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Member of the Parliament Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy also touched on the current turbulent situation in the Middle East and said “all nations are entitled to self-determination and Syrian people also have the right to decide on their own destiny. Thus, any interference in the internal affairs of other countries is not allowed under the UN Charter”.
Jalali who is also a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union ( IPU) Committee on Human Rights of Parliamentarians opined that regional patterns should be taken up and strengthened for the settlement of disputes in our region, as otherwise dominant powers from outside will continue to impose their greedy ambitions in order to keep their dominance in the region.
Jalali, meanwhile, pointed out that resort to force for changing governments runs counter to the UN Charter and said any forceful acts exerted by certain powers to change countries’ ruling systems is gradually setting precedent, while it is impossible to set up democracy by killing and committing acts of violence.
Giving an analytical remark on the current situation in the Middle East, CICIR President Zhiye said “some Western countries will undoubtedly take advantage of the ongoing insecurity in the region”.
He also said China like Iran welcomes progress through peaceful means, and referred to Iran and China as two ancient and civilized countries, which have undergone tumultuous years of hard situation and are distinctively different from other countries.
Ji Zhiye invited Head of MRC to pay a visit to CICIR and suggested that efforts be made for exchange of views and experiences in a bid to enhance cooperation in research fields between the two research institutes.


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