Dr. Kazem Jalali:

Removal of the remaining MKO terrorist cult from Ashraf Camp in Iraq set an example of combat against terrorism

 Head of Majlis Research Center, Kazem Jalali hailed closure of Ashraf Camp and relocation of the remaining terrorist residents, calling it a manifestation of combat against terrorism.
Though this action was expected earlier, nevertheless the remaining of MKO terrorist cell was finally expelled from Ashraf Camp. People of the region, particularly people of Iran and Iraq have been target of their terrorist acts.
In the absence of a leading opposition against the Islamic Republic of Iran, some Western enemies of Iran resorted to MKO terrorist cult, misusing it not as a replacement for the Islamic Republic of Iran, but as pressure leverage against our Islamic country, Jalali elaborated.
This criminal grouplet has been able to establish close contacts with certain Western authorities to misinform them of human rights situation in Iran. This is why the remnants of this terrorist cult are still supported by such states, Jalali concluded.


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