At the cermony to Award to Nelson Mandela the artwork symbolizing combat against racial discrimination created by the artists from Shahroud

Dr. Jalali: Nelson Mandela is a glaring example of love for freedom, who devoted all his life to humanity and justice

He made this remark on Tuesday at a ceremony held to award the piece of artwork created by some artists from Shahroud city to Nelson Mandela.
Jalali hailed the occasion and said it was a great honor to be represented by the people of Shahroud to award to Nelson Mandela the piece of artwork symbolizing Mandela’s years of anti-apartheid struggles and combat against racial discrimination.
Head of Majlis Research Center said Mandela is not solely characterized for his fight against policies of racial discrimination, but he is recognized as a complete symbol of unrelenting fights for the realization of sublime human goals. This is why he is considered as a global feature inspiring all the freedom seeking nations world over.
He further added many countries inspired by Mandel’s ideal thoughts for freedom, could achieve independence during nearly three decade long period of Mandela’s imprisonment.
Jalali, a senior lawmaker and a member of the Parliament Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy praised Mandela’s exemplar administration as the president of South Africa, which brought peace and tranquility as well as progress for the people of this country in various fields.
Mandela spared no efforts for the integration of all African nations and called on all the African governments to replace their regional disputes with unceasing endeavor to regain their historical rights from the colonial powers.
Head of Majlis Research Center also enumerated the commonalities between the Iranian and African nations and said the two countries’ current situation and the existing relations between them can set a good model for relations among developing countries. At the same time active presence of the two countries in such international organizations as NAM and UN can also serve as a fruitful basis for the achievement of common goals.
Jalali concluded by extending his thanks to the artists from Shahroud city who created the valuable piece of artwork indicating symbol of Mandela’s years of anti-apartheid struggles.


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