Dr. Jahanguirzadeh:

Hostile reaction of certain unqualified western leaders, the cause of mistrust in them

Hostile reaction of certain unqualified western leaders has made our people lose confidence in them, said Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Chief of the Majlis Research Center.
He made this remark during the open session of the parliament yesterday, expressing hope that our nuclear negotiating team would succeed in their efforts for restoring the denied rights of the people of Iran.
He stated that people of Iran cannot hide their mistrust towards western countries, as the latter does not intend to put an end to their enmity against the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Jahanguirzadeh who represents Oroumieh constituency in the Islamic Parliament of Iran said the subordinate extreme elements to the world Zionism have mainly centered all their power to put Iran under political pressure.
He finally said that the US still considers itself as the sole power in world and can bully others.


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