UN Secretary General’s Desperate Submission to the Terrorists’ Pressure

Ban-Ki-moon's invitation of Iran to Geneva II Meeting was Influenced by the Terrorists' Threats.

It is regrettable that terrorists could influence the decisions of the UN Secretary General, tarnishing the image of the highest international organization in the history of international relations, remarked Kazem Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center.
Jalali made this remark yesterday in reaction to the UN Secretary General’s rescission of his invitation to Iran for participation in the GenevaPeace Talks.
As a senior lawmaker Jalali said” It is greatly disappointing to witness that terrorists are even able to threat UN Secretary General to change his decisions. He also called on Ban-Ki-moon to adduce the proofs for withdrawing his invitation.
Head of the Majlis Research Center went on to say” Terrorists’ pressure on the UN Secretary General’s decisions as the highest international body has marred the image of this Organization in the history of international relations. It is more unfortunate that the terrorists might have as much influence on the outcome of Geneva II Meeting as they had on the UN Secretary General’ decisions.
Jalali further stated that Iran has always supported political solution to Syrian crisis and reiterated several times that it would not accept any preconditions for its participation in the Geneva II Meeting, adding that the crisis will not be solved unless terrorists leave Syrian territory.


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