Dr. Jahanguirzadeh:

Resistance Economy the only strategy to confront Bullying of Foreign Powers

Rouhani’s administration should spur greater privatization in a real competition as the main strategy for realization of Resistance Economy against pressures of the bullying powers, said Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Chief of the Majlis Research Center.

He made the remark in an interview with Tasnim News Agency, adding that widespread worldwide economic competitions call for taking advantage of the numerous existing opportunities to remove all the deterrent barriers impeding achievement of our economic goals.
“To reach an ideal political and cultural status in the world we should equip ourselves with all necessary means and do our utmost efforts to mobilize all our potential,” Jahanguirzadeh underlined.
He stated "It is for years that our enemies have laid no stone unturned to influence us  by resorting to forceful means such as threat, war, economic pressures and so on”. To resist outside pressures we should strengthen our domestic economy and resistance economy can help us overcome barriers and boost our economy.
Acting Chief of the Majlis Research Center concluded by saying “Contrary to austerity economic plans, resistance economy aims at modifying production programs and thrifty use of our resources in order to strengthen economic infrastructures.


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