MRC a top tier think-tank to serve as a focal point between the Parliament and Government

Parliamentary Research Services can play a pivotal role as a focal point between the Parliament and Government, said Dr. Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center (MRC).

He made the remark addressing (MRC) the Center’s Strategic Council for Energy, Industry and Mines here on Wednesday and said MRC’s policies can be formulated under the plans outlined by the Center’s High Strategic Councils.
On the composition of the MRC’s Strategic Councils, Jalali said “Several Strategic Councils have been set up here which include a variety of experts from universities, private and public sectors and veteran lawmakers in the current and former terms of the Parliament.
He said good governance has its own exigencies that should be deeply addressed and thus foresight for future requires greater consideration in this respect.
As a parliamentary think-tank, MRC has tried to keep itself aloof of political diversions in order to be able to serve its research duties as a focal point between the "Parliament and Government.” Jalali stated.
Jalali concluded by saying “we have good potential in the Parliament and the MRC. Thus the Strategic Councils are recommended to conduct studies to explore ways of taking the best advantage from lawmaking and oversight process.”


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