Islamic Parliament of Iran rejects EP invitation to visit Europe

Kazem Jalali, Chairperson of Iran’s Delegation for Relations with European Parliament (EP) has rejected the EP invitation for the delegation’s visit to Europe.

Tarja Crongerb, the Chair of EP Delegation for Relations with Iran in a telephone call to her counterpart, Kazem Jalali, on Wednesday renewed the EP’s invitation extended to the Iranian Delegation for Relations with European Parliament.
In response, Jalali, rejected the invitation due to EP’s recent passage of an injudicious resolution against Iran on human rights issues.
Jalali, a senior lawmaker and Head of the Majlis Research Center said “It is not possible for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Parliamentary Delegation to travel to Europe.” He said “despite the good offices shown by you and your members of delegation on one hand and the efforts of Iran’s Parliamentary Relations Group, this visit has been cancelled as a reaction to the anti-Iranian resolutions passed by EP.”
Jalali slammed the recent EP resolution and said “this provocative move came up at a time when the Iranian Parliamentary Delegation was preparing for its trip to Europe.”
He also criticized the EP for its failure to understand new developments in Iran following the recent presidential election which marked by a high voter turnout, regretting that EP considered this election not to be according to the democratic standards valued by the EU”.
The Chair of Iranian Parliamentary Relations Group with EP also stated that the Iranian public opinion has been adversely affected by the EP resolution and the European Body should change its mentality in order to explore the realities about Iran.


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