The Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee’s joint meeting with the Majlis Research Center

The Parliament Standing Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy held a joint meeting with the Head, Deputies and Directors of the Majlis Research Center, said rapporteur of the Committee, Naqavi Hosseini yesterday.
At this joint meeting Broujerdi, Chairperson of the Committee called on the Majlis Research Center to work on the major priorities of the country’s foreign policy developments.
Parliament Member, Kazem Jalali who heads the Majlis Research Center also elaborated the activities of the research institute under his management and described the main research visions and priorities of the Center in various fields of study.
The Committee then heard a report presented by the Director of the Office for Political Studies of the Center, who described the activities of the four research teams which address the foreign, internal policies, security, defense and parliamentary studies.


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