Message of Dr. Jalali on the occasion of the National Army Day

Head of the Majlis Research Center (MRC) issued a message on the occasion of the National Army Day, hailing the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their epic achievements in defending the country’s borders.

Full text of message follows:
April 18 has been coined by the Late Lamented Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, as the National Army Day. This Day marks the event to honor the army that wholeheartedly proved its courage and devotion during the post-revolution years, particularly during the 8 year Iraqi imposed war. The Islamic Republic of Iran Army is a popular army with ideological insight and support for Velaya( Office of Jurisprudence) in defending the ideological and geographical border.
National Army Day that is named by the Supreme Leader “A highly respected historical day characterized as a meaningful and lasting memorial event” is reminiscence of courage and chivalry of the brave people who devotedly defended their Islamic homeland.
Today the Islamic Republic of Iran Army having gained bunches of experience from the 8 year Iraqi imposed war in its sacred defense has been able to grasp outstanding achievements in various modern military and defensive fields with the relentless support of the Iranian young scientists and experts.
I seize the blessed event of April 18 which marks the Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army to congratulate to the honorable family of the armed forces who offered their beloved ones to defuse invasions of the enemy and registered precious record of epic achievements.


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