Joint Seminar between the Majlis Research Center and Academic Associations from across the country due in Tehran

A research Seminar is due to be held here at Majlis Research Center on Wednesday (21 May 2014) to elaborate the role of academic associations in legislative process.

First of its kind, the Seminar which is organized under the auspices of the Majlis Research Center will examine the role of academic associations in lawmaking process. The main idea behind this initiative is to trigger convergence of new ideas and comments in parliamentary research services. This event will serve to identify striking aspects that can motivate interaction among the elites network in order to prepare suitable grounds for taking optimal benefits from the academic potentials across the country in lawmaking.
Head of the Majlis Research Center, Dr. Kazem Jalali, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. Reza Faraji Dana together with some academicians and elites are the main participants at this meeting.
Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani, who chairs the Board of Trustees of the Majlis Research Center is due to open the Seminar.


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