Iranian Nuclear Negotiators should display steadfastness against the bullying of Western powers

We hope that the ongoing nuclear negotiations would not be hindered by the bullying of western powers and end up with a fruitful outcome, said Dr. Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center (MRC).

He made the remark at his meeting with Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, a leading clergy on Thursday 29 May.
At this meeting Dr. Jalali briefed Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani on MRC’s activities and its practical efforts to pass legislations within scientific frameworks; a task which calls for benefitting the expertise opinions of university students and elites.
Jalali added “ It is over two years since the current term of the parliament and during this term the Parliament has tried to follow its legislative duties with due respect to scientific approaches”.
Head of the Majlis Research Center specifically referred to research studies made by MRC to facilitate representational duties of the parliament members in their legislative process.
In conclusion Dr. Jalali stated that Rouhani’s Administration has been able to some extent control inflation and pave better grounds for growing purchase power of the people.


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