At the meeting with the New zealand Ambassador:

Nuclear Negotiations between Iran and P5+1Group serves as a test of US honesty

"Success of the current nuclear negotiations between Iran and big powers hinges upon US honesty. If the US adopts a rational approach in the ongoing nuclear talks, there will be a glimpse of hope for the solution of other outstanding disputes between the two countries, otherwise the growing distrust continues ever than before", said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center( MRC).
He made the remark at the meeting of the New Zealand Ambassador to Tehran together with Tim Webster, the visiting senior advisor to New Zealand Premier and his accompanying delegation on Sunday.
On the activities of the MRC regarding the International Sanctions against Iran and the ongoing nuclear talks with major powers, Jalali said MRC has set up an expertise group here to closely monitor latest development in the negotiations currently underway to regularly prepare expertise report for the parliamentarians and other concerned officials.
He stated that if the parties to the negotiations follow the legal frameworks in the process of talks and take into consideration past records of nuclear talks with Iran, a more positive outcome can be expected.
Jalali, who is also a member of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, continued " Iran can be taken as a clear example for its prudence and wise ruling policies where no extremist policies has been able to penetrate and will resist against such policies in future."
Head of the MRC referred to Iran as a country that has never tried to follow non-peaceful nuclear programs and western countries will certainly receive a positive reaction from both the people and the government of Iran if they choose to take up a wise treatment. He further cautioned that irrational approaches of certain western countries would reciprocally outrage the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The shortcut way leading to a desirable result in the current nuclear negotiations lies in the fact that politically motivated approaches are put side and international laws are fully respected free from any unreasonable partial interpretations.
Elaborating US enmities against people of Iran, Jalali said "Media verbal lip services by some US officials do not suffice to alleviate the sufferings endured by our people. They expect to closely witness real change of behavior from the US Officials, given the unforgettable US crimes against the Iranian nation.
Jalali stressed that the West should realize how much it needs Iran as a strong regional actor and its pivotal role in the settlement of many regional issues. Therefore, it should follow the case in a reasonable framework.
Jalali further expressed concern at the unbridled presence of extremist groups that has jeopardized peace in the region, adding that the criminal groups such as Salafis and their supporters in the region are funded by certain western countries.
On the recent critical situation lingering over Syria, Jalali believed the current crisis in Syria can be tackled easily, despite the intricate issues facing this country. Firstly, it should be identified how such a large flow of terrorist could find their way into Syria. "
Jalali continued "Terrorist groups received practical training to organize themselves. Even the Europeans are gravely concerned about the return of such terrorists to their countries of origin. An international collective will is, thus, needed to eliminate such terrorists."
Western countries intended to overthrow Bashar Assad by their trained terrorists; a blunder that led to the loss of many valuable chances at the expense of the people of Syria. It is wrong to think that democracy can be set up through killings, jalali added.
Head of the MRC pointed out that general elections in Syria and respect to the outcome of the election by all the countries is the only solution to the current crisis in this war torn country. It is the sole right of the Syrian people to decide who should rule their country.
In answer to a question regarding Afghanistan, Jalali said “it was a landmark victory for the people of Afghanistan to hold a general election to decide on their political destiny after withdrawal of NATO forces from this country. NATO and other countries should completely leave Afghanistan and let the people decide on the future of their own motherland.”
On the alarming amount of drugs production in Afghanistan, Jalali surprisingly referred to the multiple volume of drug production since presence of NATO forces in this country, adding that cases of drug transit from Afghanistan airports is also of great concern to the international security.
Jalali stressed that Iran has redoubled its efforts to strongly combat transit of narcotic drugs at heavy moral and material expenses, and has offered a high number of its law enforcement forces to combat smugglers.
On Iran's economic situation, Jalali said "We expect a very encouraging future economy for our country, adding that Iran has strengthened a prominent status among the regional countries".
He said "International pressures have adversely affected our strategy to achieving a non-oil economy. However, despite all pressures we are gradually stepping forward to rely on an oil free economy contrary to the past."
In conclusion, Jalali said MRC is strongly working on the general policies outlined by the Supreme Leader for the achievement of resistance economy; a strategy that would lead to further strengthening of our economic foundations.
New Zealand Ambassador to Tehran and the Head of the visiting delegation, Tim Webster expressed the hope for the success of the current nuclear negotiations.
Tim Webster for his part referred to the alarming crisis in Syrian and said “Terrorist groups (Daesh and Al-Nusra) have been strengthened and terrorist atrocities in Syria have replaced Bashar Assad's enemies with his supporters.”


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