Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States (PUIC) a Precious Potential for the Enhancement of Parliamentary Relations between Islamic Countries

Speaker of the National Assembly of Mali met Dr. Kazem Jalali, Head of the MRC here on Monday (02 June 2014).

At this meeting Isaka Sidibé, Speaker of the National Assembly of Mali, heads a parliamentary delegation to Tehran at the invitation of Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani.
Kazem Jalali, who is also a member of PUIC Council expressed the hope that both PUIC's and NAM's potentials can be used in the best way possible. Iran and Mali are both members of these two important international bodies.
Jalai added PUIC is a great opportunity for development of international relations and enhancement of parliamentary relations between Islamic countries.
Head of the MRC referred to the African Continent as a very strategically important region for Iran and said "we have always tried to further strengthen our relations with African countries.
Jalali also called the 10th PUIC Conference due to be held in Mali next year as a very important opportunity for enhancement of political and economic relations among Islamic countries.
Speaker of the National Assembly of Mali for his part, referred to the 9th PUIC Conference which was held in Tehran and expressed the hope that Mali can benefit from Iran's diplomatic experiences as a host of the 10th PUIC Conference.
He further stressed that training and education is the pivot of progress and development, adding that Iran's capacity in various fields, particularly in medical fields can help to the development of Mali.
He pointed out that successful outcome of the 10th PUIC Conference in Mali can stand as a symbol for manifestation of combat against global terrorism.
Iran was the host to the 9th PUIC Conference which was held here in Tehran a couple of months ago will hand over the presidency of the Conference to Mali next year.


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