Elma Broke, Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs: The new EU Parliament attaches great importance to its relation with Iran

EU- Iran dialogues can prepare necessary grounds for the achievement of future greater accords, if EU hears real voice of the people of Iran said, Kazem Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center (MRC).
Jalali, who Chairs Iran-EU Parliamentary Relations Group made the remark at the meeting with Elma Broke, Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs on Sunday (15 June).
At this meeting, Jalali congratulated recent EU elections and re-election of Broke as European Parliament Member, expressing hope for the success of the new parliament.
Chairman of Iran-EU Parliamentary Group criticized the EU human rights resolution on Iran and said, “It was shocking to witness adoption of a resolution against Iran at the time when a new government was elected in Iran”.
The EU resolution changed everything while the nuclear negotiations were underway at a satisfactory pace alongwith the growing improvement of relations between Iran and EU,” he added.
Head of the MRC continued “It is regrettable that some EU members are influenced by certain outlawed and terrorist groups like MKO, who has no slightest credit among our people, even among those who may criticize our political system. The New EU should try to listen to the people of Iran and their real representatives”.
Jalali said, “Under the new administration EU should take the utmost advantage of the  situation in order to create a constructive phase of dialogue between the two parliaments. Such dialogues between the two parliaments can pave the grounds for greater accords in future provided that extremist approaches, particularly in the EU can be checked”.
On nuclear negotiations, Jalali said ” Iran has so far pursued nuclear talks with P5+1group actively, but this course of action cannot continue unless EU side takes the realities into consideration.”
He underlined “To reach a final accord in the nuclear talks the rights of the people of Iran should be fully recognized, heedless of the hues and cries of countries such as the Israeli regime who leave no stone unturned for the failure of the ongoing negotiation.”
As a member of the Parliament Committee on National Security and foreign Policy, Jalali reiterated that “Zionist regime of Israel is not satisfied with the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 country, because their economic and political interests gear to Iran phobia ploys.
On recent crisis in Iraq, Jalali said “Prudence and wisdom is the key to the fight against new form of terrorism appeared in the guise of Daesh and Salafis as a global threat and crimes against human rights.”
On the question of Roerich Kiesewetter, a member of the German Bundestag and Committee of Foreign Affairs concerning improvement of relations between Iran and Germany, Jalali said “In the eyes of our people, German nations are regarded as a good model of endeavor, seriousness and disciplined people and there have been always good relations between the people of the two countries.
Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs for his part said, “The new EU parliament attaches great importance to its relations with Iran. There is only a very small number of members that may support MKO, while majority of EU members do not believe in cooperating with such groups.”
Hailing recent achievements in nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 group, Elmar Broke said, “It is in the economic and political interests of both sides to resolve their nuclear disputes, adding that it is the rights of Iran to have nuclear program of peaceful nature and expressed the hope that International community can recognize this right.


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