Western countries to be held responsible if Nuclear Negotiations fail

Despite Iran’s good offices as marked by its full efforts in the course of nuclear talks with P5+1, Western countries shall be held responsible if the negotiations fail to achieve a result, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the IPIRC.

Jalali made the remark in his talks with Fars News Agency.
Referring to the Supreme Leader’s remarks on our needs to nuclear energy which contained a message for the Western negotiating teams, Jalali stated ” The Leader’s message was clear enough for the western negotiating parties implying that we are not merely in pursuit of talks under any circumstances.”
Jalali, a senior lawmaker in the Parliament added ” In the ongoing nuclear talks, Iran mainly pursues the negotiations in order to secure its national interests and nuclear rights.”
He continued ” Iran has accepted to negotiate with Western parties merely for defending its rights and the Supreme Leader has clearly designated the red lines for the Western Parties.”
Head of the IPIRC reiterated that since the initial stage, Iran showed its good offices and accepted to negotiate in a totally logical manner in order to remove any western probable concerns.
He concluded by saying “Despite the good offices displayed by the Iranian negotiating team, the Western countries shall be responsible if the negotiations fail to achieve a result.”


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