Launch of Analytical Studies of the 6th Development Plan

The 1st session for analytical studies of the 6th Five-Year Development Plan was held here yesterday (Monday, August 11) in presence of the Head of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Research Center (IPIRC).

Also present at this meeting were Dr. Javad Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Head of the IPIRC, Deputy Chiefs and directors of different research offices of the Center.

Addressing the meeting, Jalali said “There has been always a generally comprehensive approach in the preceding Development Plans, while it is preferred to have a strategic approach in preparation of the future development plans. This is a notion of highly importance that should be considered in the 6th Five-year Development Plan by both the Executive and Legislature.”
Jalali continued the Islamic Parliament of Iran Research Center should do its utmost far from any political considerations to prioritize the issues of greatest concern and academically elaborate the realities in its expertise reports.

Acting Head of the Center, Dr. Jahanguirzade for his part underlined the role of the IPIRC in the preparation of the 6th Five-Year Development Plan and said “If the country’s academic circle as well as our experts in the Center believe in the necessity of a shakeup in the preparation of the development plan in order to avoid the recurrence of probable shortfalls, therefore every effort should be made in this respect in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

In conclusion, the four Deputy Chiefs of the Center in charge of Economic, Cultural and Social, Legal and Political as well as Production and Infrastructural Departments expressed their expertise opinions on the various features of the 6th Development Plan, which is underway in various different Committees of the Executive.


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