Dr. Jalali says: Iran plays no political games in its nuclear talks

“Iran honestly pursues its national interests in the nuclear talks standing aloof from any political games”, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center.

Speaking to Khaneh Mellat (a Parliament News Agency) Jalali stated “Islamic Republic of Iran launched Nuclear negotiations with good intentions and based on wisdom with due respect to the rights of the people of Iran”.
Jalali continued “the Islamic Republic of Iran has just defended its rights to peaceful nuclear technology. Thus it is up to the US to decide to deal with an independent state which is determined to defend the rights of its people.”
As a senior lawmaker and member of the Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Jalali noted “If the 5+1 Group is satisfied with a win-win nuclear deal with Iran, it can count on Iran as a regional and international power to reach constructive agreement in other issues”.
“On the contrary if the West insists on its wrong behavior with Iran as before, the negotiations will certainly derail from its right direction. However, the West has come to believe that they are not able to dissuade people of Iran to withdraw its inalienable rights.”
Jalali noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to hold, as a new procedure, negotiations with the West collectively and separately. This new procedure was intended to dismiss any excuses which may rise by the West to hurdle nuclear negotiations.”
He touched on Obama’s belief on the chances of a comprehensive nuclear deal not to be more than 50-50 and said “Outcome of the nuclear talks with Iran is more important for Obama, considering the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in the US.”
Jalali noted that Obama is trying to send signal to the Zionist lobbies that no promising outcome is expected. According to Jalali, nuclear talks with Iran  is looked as a political game in the US.


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