Promising trend in the fight against the new form of terrorism in Iraq under new administration

Positive trend of combat against terrorist group of ISIS is expected under the new administration and the Shi’iat Muslim clerical support, said Jalai, Head of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Research Center.

He made the remarks at the meeting of the South Korean Ambassador to Tehran, Sung Wung Yeub, here on Monday, Aug.18, 2014.
Elaborating regional developments Jalali said "Factors such as unemployment, poor social and economic welfare, particularly among the youth as well as public dissatisfaction of the people from their respective governments which have submitted to the insulting treatment of some big powers have led to the eruption of the current alarming situation in the region.”
He criticized US policy in the Middle East and said people ask why the United States and other countries which claim to support democracy are supporting the Zionist regime crimes against Palestinian People.
He further said terrorism is a dangerous phenomenon in the region, adding that terrorist groups in the region with outside financial support have abused the prevailing socio-economic setbacks in the regional countries and managed to recruit forces from such countries.
He underlined that people of the Middle East should govern their region by themselves and foreign interferences make the situation more complicated.
Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center noted that region is experiencing recurrence of the operations that occurred in Afghanistan where the US supported Taliban and later decided to fight it. What happened in Syria and now is taking place by ISIS in Iraq is recapitulation of the same situation.
He said “According to the European Officials, a large number of the ISIS militants have come from European countries and when they return to their countries they each may detonate as a bomb”.
As a member of the Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Jalali referred to the recent Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza Strip and said “The critical issue of the occupied terrorist should be addressed at its roots which mean right to self-determination. All the people in the occupied territory of Palestine should be called to hold a referendum to choose the nature of their own government. Any government chosen by them should be recognized by international community.”
On the ongoing nuclear negotiations with the 5+1 group of countries, Jalali said “Islamic Republic of Iran has honestly made every effort for the success of the talks with Western countries”.
He underscored that the rights of the Iranian people are not negotiable and Iran will pursue its rights to benefit from the privileges of nuclear energy technology for peaceful purposes within the context of NPT.
Jalali recommended that the P5+1 should take advantage of the current situation in Iran under the new administration and replace politicized approaches with wisdom and logic for the success of the negotiations.
Sung Wung Yeuf, for his part, by referring to mutual cooperation between Iran and South Korea, underlined that promotion of parliamentary ties between the two countries can help to the expansion of bilateral relations.
He also expressed hope for the success of Iran’s nuclear talks with P5+1.
On the current situation in Iraq, the South Korean Ambassador expressed his concern over the recent developments and the danger of terrorism in that country and expressed the hope that a comprehensive solution could be reached for the establishment of peace in Iraq.


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