Jahanguirzadeh: Iran keeps aiding Iraq, Syria against ISIL

“The Islamic Republic of Ian is the standard-bearer in the fight against terrorism and will continue to support the governments of Iraq and Syria in order to destroy the terrorists, but will never take military action against ISIL independently”.

Acting Head of the Islamic Parliament of Research Center made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily.
Iran has already announced that it’s ready to cooperate in reducing the threats posed by terrorists to the region. What kind of cooperation will it offer?
Iran has said it will assist Iraq and Syria by sending military advisors to the two countries, training their forces and supplying them with military equipment. The Islamic Republic will definitely cooperate with regional countries to accomplish these aims, but not as part of an international coalition.
On regional cooperation without any need to international coalition, Jahangirzadeh said “Since the bulk of the ISIL forces is not so huge to create a large international alliance to eradicate the terrorist group, it seems that the goal of building such an international coalition is to invade Syrian under the pretext of fighting ISIL and ultimately undermining and toppling the government of President Bashar al-Assad.:

As regards the Us-led Coalition and the reaction by Iraqi and Syrian nations to the attacks by the military alliance, Jahanguirzadeh stated “Regional countries pursue different and contradictory goals in destroying the ISIL, Contradictory goals are also quite evident among members of the Paris coalition. That’s the main reason for making the coalition ineffective. The Iraqi and Syrian nations will not allow the alliance to undermine their countries’ independence under the pretext of eliminating ISIL.
On the timeframe suggested by the US Secretary of State, Jahanguirzadeh said “Democrats’ tenure will end in less than three years and they intend to make a historic achievement. The best accomplishment will be the removal of Assad’s government and the annihilation of the resistance movement in the region. Fighting ISIL is Democrats’ cover-up for a bigger goal.

In response to  the question concerning cooperation of Iran with the international coalition against ISIL, Jahanguirzadeh said “Many Western politicians regard Iran as a major power in the Middle East which should not be ignored. They acknowledge that without Iran’s participation, the anti-ISIL coalition will collapse and security will not be restored to Iran and Syria.”


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