Cameron’s anti-Iran remarks dashed hopes for UK-Iran relations

“Cameron’s statement fully proved the Supreme Leader’s analysis casting doubt on reliability of UK administration”, Jahanguirzadeh said.

In reaction to Cameron’s recent biased and self-centered comments, Acting Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), J. Jahanguirzadeh said “Cameron’s statement fully proved the Supreme Leader’s analysis casting doubt on reliability of UK administration”.
In his recent UN General Assembly Address, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron said:
“Iran should also be given the chance to show it can be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Earlier today I met with President Rouhani. We have severe disagreements, Iran’s support for terrorist organizations, its nuclear program, its treatment of its people. All these need to change.
But Iran's leaders could help in defeating the threat from ISIL. They could help secure a more stable, inclusive Iraq; and a more stable, inclusive Syria. And if they are prepared to do this, then we should welcome their engagement”.
Speaking to Journalists Club, Jahanguirzadeh stated “Cameron’s statements shall not prejudice collective efforts made for the development of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relation in the international arena.”
A senior lawmaker and member of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Jahanguirzadeh underscored “UK is an unreliable State, adding that London has had severely critical behavior under Cameron; a situation that will become certainly more vigorous in future.”
“Nations across the world still remember UK colonial practices, particularly in countries such as India and South Africa.” Cameron’s recent remarks triggered the final shot into Iran- UK relations, causing a very rigorous situation that hardly can lead to easing tension between the two countries, because our people, parliament and government are severely sensitive towards any interventionist comments”, Jahanguirzadeh reiterated.
He pointed that “Supporters of establishment of fair relations with UK are now disappointed following Cameron’s UN statement. In fact, they have come to the conclusion that having a fair relation with UK should be deeply re-examined, because our people never exchange their dignity and grandeur for anything else”.


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