Iran has never left negotiating table

“The ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and Western countries are continuing positively. The Islamic Republic of Iran has steadily defended its inalienable national rights and never left negotiating table,” Said Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Kazem Jalali.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday (1st November), Jalali expressed hope that the West would decline to seek nuclear talks as leverage and let the efforts currently underway to reach a fruitful result.
As regards the current tragic situation in the region, Jalali condemned massacre of innocent people by the ISIS terrorist group. He also lambasted hypocritical approaches of those states that allegedly pretend to be striving to fight terrorism in the region, while they themselves got involved in the emergence of such terrorist group.
Expressing grave concern over the displacement of the people who have lost their homes under the barbaric attacks of ISIS terrorist group, Jalali cast doubt to expect any serious counter terrorism operations to eliminate such group.
On the economic situation of the country since last year when the new administration took over, Jalali said the government has devised some anti-inflammatory measures to ease recession.
However, he added, “This is a very difficult process and requires full support of all people if we expect our economy flourish in the coming years”, he concluded.


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