Any nuclear demands of Iran beyond NPT is illegal

Islamic Parliament of Iran has reaffirmed its compliance with nuclear red lines on the eve of final round of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 prior to the agreed deadline, remarked Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center( IPRC).

Speaking to Tasnim News agency Jalali said “Though Iran has consistently adhered to its obligations in the ongoing nuclear negotiations; we were unfortunately witness to hindrances on the part of big powers and certain other countries which tried to derail the talks”.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran has displayed its goodwill in the new phase of nuclear negotiations launched since last year”, Head of the IPRC stated.
“We have cleared up our stances on the nuclear talks and the ball is now in the West’s court, Jalali underlined, adding that it is up to the big powers to prove whether they are seeking to solve the problems that they themselves have created.”
The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to resolutely stand by its red lines in the talks and will not withdraw the nuclear rights of the people of Iran”, he remarked.
“Recognition of rights of our nation to have access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is the only way leading to confidence building”, Jalai underlined.
Head of the IPRC, Kazem Jalali, pinpointed that the P5+1 countries have not any right to impose obligations beyond NPT on Iran; as a country whose national security doctrine is completely against building nuclear bomb.”
We believe that it is under strict compliance with international norms as well as NPT that nuclear standoff between Iran and Western countries can easily lead to a solution, provided that they fully obligate themselves to the international norms,” Jalali concluded.


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