PUIC expected to take a firm stance against terrorist groups in the region

Today Muslim world is plagued with the threat of terrorism in the region; a tragic plight that emerged with the support of certain western countries and some regional states”, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Kazem Jalali stated yesterday.

Jalali made the remarks at the meeting with Erol Kilic, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC), here on Monday, Nov.10, 2014.
Representing the Islamic Parliament of Iran in the PUIC as member of the Executive Committee and the Council of the Parliamentary Body, Jalali voiced grave concern over the emergence of takfiri terrorist groups in the region and the support they receive from certain Western countries and few of their regional allies”.
It is time for the PUIC and its troika to take a firm stance against the ISIS and other anti-Islamic terrorist groups in the region. A closer integration among PUIC members can help take stronger stance against such terrorist acts,” Jalali reiterated.
On the crucial role of research in lawmaking, Jalali said” In the past few decades lawmakers have felt their need to research briefings in lawmaking ever than before in order to be able to pass more effective laws”.
He underlined the need for expansion of Parliamentary relation based research cooperation among the Parliamentary Research Services of the PUIC Member States
PUIC Secretary General for his part appreciated the efforts of Dr. Jalali for excellent organization of the 9th PUIC Conference held in Tehran in February 2014.
He added this Conference which was hosted by the Islamic Parliament of Iran and its closing Declaration had resounding feedbacks in the world of Islam and other countries.
“The PUIC Troika Meeting in Tehran and its resolute stance condemning Zionist crimes in Gaza redoubled steadfastness of the innocent people of Gaza in their resistance against Zionist regime,” he stated
In conclusion he called on the Islamic Parliament of Iran to play its leading role in the upcoming PUIC Conference which will take place in Istanbul-Turkey.


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