Jahanguirzadeh:Muslim countries stand vigilant against the objectives and supporters of the terrorist groups

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Mauritania could prepare necessary grounds for expansion of bilateral cooperation in economic and cultural fields, with due regards of the importance of parliamentary relations.

He made the remarks at the meeting of Mohammad Voled Fal, Muritanian MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Mauritania with Iran here on Saturday (22 November).
Jahanguirzadeh, a senior lawmaker and member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee hailed the position of Mauritania and its President cutting relations with the Zionist regime of Israel and said “The unwavering positions of the Islamic countries such as Mauritania against the Zionist regime have led to check the ambitious polices of this regime.”
Chairman of Iran-Mauritania Parliamentary Friendship Groups expressed dissatisfaction of the volume of trade between the two countries, which is partly due to long geographical distance and political approaches. This situation can be rectified under the expansion of parliamentary relations; he added
Acting Head of the IPRC referred to the brutalities of such terrorist groups as ISIS in the region and said” The terrorist groups that have recently emerged in the region try to resort to some Islamic biased and fake phrases to spread a wave of Islam-phobia in the world.”
He recommended that “Muslim States should act vigilantly against the objectives of terrorist groups and their western supporters, disappointing them to achieve their ignominious aims.”
Mauritanian MP also added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only power that has been able to withstand the bullying of the dominant powers.


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