US labeled the main culpable for prolongation of nuclear talks

“Longer extension of Geneva Accord is a clear indication of Western shaky will to resolve Iran’s nuclear case”, Said Jahanguirzadeh, a senior MP and Acting Head of the Islamic Parliament of Research Center (IPRC).

Speaking to Mehr News Agency yesterday, Jahanguirzadeh stated “The West is very sensitive toward Israel’s interest as its red lines. Therefore, Western countries cannot decide independently and should follow the instructions of the Zionist regime.”
Also a member of the Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Jahanguirzadeh continued “US and European people are not satisfied with the process of nuclear talks between Iran and western countries, as they expected to see some serious development in the relation with Iran”.
“Tel Aviv is pleased with the outcome of the ongoing nuclear talks; the pleasure that is considered disgrace to the West”, he remarked.
He concluded by saying that Europe and the US will not witness adoption of unified decisions following developments in Ukraine.


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