Richard Bacon:

Iran’s crucial role in the stability of region cannot be denied

"The West should reconsider its stance in the face of a real fight against ISIL, especially in respect of the ideological standing of this terrorist group", said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Research Center.

He made the remarks in his Monday meeting with Richard Bacon, the Chairman of Britain-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group.
“It is widely admitted how Taliban and Al-Qaida came into existence, adding that the evil phenomena that are occurring in the region at the hand of this terrorist group date back its roots to the time when Iranian diplomats were murdered by Taliban in Afghanistan,” Jalali remarked.
“At that time we cautioned the emergence of extremism in the region as the aftermath of the killings, while some states were happy with the terror acts,” he stressed.
Jalali underlined “The current so-called Western coalition in the fight against ISIL fails to trigger the root causes of terrorism, because their stands are aligned with ISIL’s ideological demands.”
Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center then referred to the history of UK-Iran relations and said “After three decades, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the UK Premier met in New York to pave the grounds for a better relation between Tehran and London, but Cameron’s remarks against Iran in his UNGA address after this meeting with President Rouhani ruined this opportunity.
“Jack Straw’s recent visit to Iran was fruitful, as had a wise and balanced position towards Iran. It is hoped that such balanced and wise voice is strengthened in the UK Parliament,” Jalali added.
As a senior lawmaker and member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, he continued “Iran is a great nation characterized by its traditional civilization as well as a long record of reasonable behavior in the international arena. Therefore this nation should be treated with courtesy and in a logical manner.”
“Language of threat, sanction and behavior that would undermine our national dignity is not accepted”, Jalali pointed out.
He cautioned global politicians not to be influenced by the world media outlets, as they only try to pursue interests of their own supporters at the expense of distorting the real image of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He further continued “Media outlets that fan Iranophobia are supported by the Zionists and certain regional ruling dictators. This is a crucial point that should be understood by the Western countries which have adopted a wrong perception about Iran.”
On Ian’s peaceful nuclear program, Jalali said “Iran’s nuclear program is fully in compliance with the international rules and regulations and under IAEA’s complete verification, because we merely seek to defend our legal rights.”
Richard Bacon, for his part, referred to his deep interest towards Iran and its people and said “despite passage of long years since the victory of the Islamic revolution, there is not yet a real understanding of the occurrence of such a great development in the west”.
He then touched on his vote in the Parliament against the motion favoring attack against Iraq in 2003 as well as his disagreement with the bill proposed for attack on Syria and said “what has happened during the current decade in the region proved that we were right at that time”.
Vice-chairman of Britain-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group underlined” Many experts believe that some actions taken by the British government against Iran in the past were wrong and that we should take into consideration Iranian national dignity in bilateral relations.”
In my relations with IAEA , I came to know that Iran has consistently endeavored to cooperate with the nuclear Watchdog, while there are some countries that fail to join NPT, and are involved in non-peaceful nuclear program.” he underscored.
On the current developments in the region, Richard Bacon explicitly rejected any success in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syrian in absence of Iran’s constructive cooperation.
In conclusion he hailed the prevailing security in Iran and said “Travelling to Tehran and Iran in full security can rarely experienced in the Middle East and that Iran can play a vital role in the regional stability if Western countries take Iran’s role for granted.”


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