Senior Lawmaker Kazem Jalali says:

EP anti-Iran resolutions against growing bilateral relations

Chairman of Iran Delegation for Relations with EU, Kazem Jalali says “Iran welcomes presence of European Parliamentarians in Iran, but the positions taken by certain EU members hindered growing improvement of bilateral relations”.

He made the remarks at a meeting with Dutch Ambassador to Iran, Johannes Duma, here on Tuesday, December 19.
“Some illogical stances taken by EU Parliament are based on false information and fabricated reports of MKO elements”, Jalali underscored.
Head of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Research Center (IPRC) underlined that Iranian civil society is not just confined to MKO and some other opposition groups with whom EU officials are interested to meet inside and outside Iran.
He criticized the EU Parliament for preparing the ground for the activities of “some rootless Iranian opposition groups”, particularly the terrorist groups such as MKO.
Jalali criticized EU’s good relations with certain dictatorial regimes in the region, asserting that Iran is a free country and rights of minorities are fully respected.
Head of the IPRC continued “The two parliamentary sides (EU and the Islamic Parliament of Iran) were holding regular sessions to improve bilateral relations when some unexpected stances on the part of EU led to the decline of bilateral relations.”
The lawmaker noted “We are eager to welcome all parliamentary delegations from around the world, particularly from Europe and the Netherlands, as we are keen to promote parliamentary relations on the basis of mutual respect.”
Dutch Ambassador for his part said “Iran and the Netherlands enjoy longstanding relations which date back to 1926.”
He reiterated “We constantly seek expansion of relations with Iran, particularly in parliamentary affairs.”


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