4th Expert Meeting to examine the Bill “Protection and Operation of Genetic Resources”

The 4th session of expert meeting was held here at Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) to discuss the Bill on "Protection and Operation of Genetic Resources".

 Expert and specialists from various departments and ministries, including Ministry of Agriculture, Health and Medical Education, Mine and Industries, Environment Organization, Biotechnological Development Hq, National Center for biogenetic resources together with IPRC’s experts met here to continue discussion on the Bill "Protection and Operation of Genetic Resources".
Participants at this meeting discussed generality of the Bill, particularly its scope of applicability, in addition to such issues as human genetic resources, the bill’s approach to the procedure for access and usage of genetic resources by domestic and foreign researchers.
The bill which is currently in the agenda of various Parliament Standing Committees as well as related Research Offices of the IPRC was submitted to the Parliament nearly two month ago.


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