Recent Israeli air strike on Guneitara escalates regional tension

“Martyrdom of Jihad Mughniyeh and some other Hezbollah fighters in the recent Israeli air raid will disturb political equilibrium in the region, leading to a fresh era of fight against Qods occupying regime”, said J. Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center.

Speaking to Tasnim News Agency, he shed light on the history of Arab-Israeli wars and said “In 1963 all Arab states united against Israel in a war that led to the heavy defeat of Arab countries.”
He continued “The aftermath of this humiliating defeat was submission of all Arab states to the Israeli policies and gradual establishment of diplomatic relations with this regime”.
A senior lawmaker and member of the Parliament Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Jahanguirzadeh described how the situation changed in favor of Resistance following Israel failed operation in South Lebanon.”
“Israel is now in the worst political situation as this regime is gravely concerned over unexpected attacks by resistance forces following Hezbollah crushing response in retaliation to the recent Israeli air raid which claimed lives of several Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian senior general”, Jahanguirzade stated.
“Contrary to the past, Israeli soldiers have severly lost their ideological morale leading to the serious power decline of Zionist regime army”, he remarked.
On the soaring power of resistance forces and their steadfastness against Israeli lobbies, Jahanguirzadeh said “Over the past 60 years, some Palestinians factions were forced to retreat from their positions gaining nothing in their political negotiations with Israeli regime. While Hezbollah Resistance forces have brought Israel to its knees through sustaining severe blows on this regime”, he underlined,


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