Peripheral issues in the ongoing nuclear talks should be avoided

“Raising any marginal issue may be detrimental to the very spirit of the ongoing nuclear talks and should be avoided” said Dr. Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) on Sunday 1st February 2015.

Speaking to IRNA, he called on critics of the negotiations with major powers to avoid raising marginal issues in nuclear talks currently underway.
There is no doubt that the negotiating team should be supported, Jahanguirzadeh remarked.
Iran's nuclear dispute is a national issue and does not belong to any political faction, he said adding that all should help avoid any discord which might harm path of Iranian nation.
At the same time, he continued “The negotiating team should also consider the sensitivities inside the country”.
“Iran has eligible and powerful negotiators and they have adopted a very strong stand in the current nuclear talks with the six major powers”, he said.
“We should be proud of the courage of our diplomats and not to find fault with them whether they negotiate at the table or on walk”, he underlined.
“The Iranian negotiating team is working round the clock without having enough rest and they should be admired,” he said.


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