Free trade zones can serve as the pillar of national economic growth and development

“Free trade zones play a crucial role in export development as pillar of national economic growth and development”, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

He made the remarks at the meeting of Ali A. Shabanifard, Acting Managing Director of Qeshm Free Zone here Monday.
Referring to the Qeshm free zone’s business potential, Jalali said “Qeshm Island is strategically so much important from political and economic perspective that nicknamed as diamond of Iran in the Persian Gulf”.
“Qeshm high economic potential in oil and its transfer to the world markets have given so exceptional privileges to this region that can provide appropriate grounds for investment in this field as a lucrative source of income for the country”, he underlined.
“In light of the Supreme Leader’s guidelines encouraging to cut dependence on oil revenues, export of gas from the gas rich Qeshm Island is also of crucial significance for job creation”, Jalali stressed.
“As the largest island in the Strait of Hormuz measuring in area greater than many countries with highest potential, Qeshm Island can be changed into a valuable source of revenue for the Islamic Iran in tourism, mineral resources and major air and marine transit of commodities”, Jalali remarked.
Shedding lights on the general policies of resistance economy outlined by the Supreme Leader, Jalali concluded “Qeshm Island can serve as the pillar of national economic development on the path towards realization of resistance economy”.


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