Dr. Jalali says:

Nuclear talks should be clear with no room for interpretation

“Iran has shown its good faith by completely fulfilling its part. Major World Powers should prove their political will and put aside acrimonies, if a final deal is to strike”, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

Speaking to ISNA on Saturday Jalali referred to the Supreme Leader's current address on nuclear talks which provided a full guidelines in the ongoing negotiations.
Quoting highlights of the Supreme Leader's address he said "Tehran has been acting rationally and that Iranian people will approve any deal that would allow it to preserve its honor along with its nuclear achievements."
Similarly as noted in the Supreme Leader's address “Making a framework agreement without working out details would only pave the way for the other powers to ask for more concessions later in the process and that as asserted any deal should be completely clear and without room for interpretation.”
“This, according to the Supreme Leader, would take away any excuse for backtracking that the foreign powers might come up with later.”
“In order to reach a nuclear accord with the P5+1, the Islamic Republic suspended 20-percent uranium enrichment as well as the development of centrifuges and nuclear facilities in Arak and Fordo”, Jalali quoted the Leader.
Jalali further continued "According to the Supreme Leader, any deal made within the process of rational framework is accepted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and we will abide by our obligations under such an agreement."
“A good agreement, according to the leader as underlined in his current address, is the one that can secure national interests and dignity of the people, providing the grounds for Iran to engage in its peaceful nuclear program”, Jalali pointed out.
What finally meant by the Supreme Leader was that " Iran has spared no efforts to show its good faith in the process of negotiations. Today the ball is in West's court to prove its good intent. They should now prove their political will for reaching an agreement and avoid political games”, he concluded.


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