Impact of the Supreme Leader's address on the air of nuclear talks

“Nuclear talks will gain new grounds under the Supreme Leader's recent speech addressing Air Force Commanders", Jahanguirzadeh said, adding that the ongoing nuclear talks have persisted over the past decade and do not relate to any specific administration.”

On any probable reaction opposing the nuclear talks he said “There are some who criticize the process of negotiations but there seem no opposition against the principles of the talks.”
“I do not know anyone among the critics who may intend to hinder the air of current talks, as we are all followers of the leader whose positions are clear to us, adding that the negotiating team defends the rights of all the whole nation”, Jahanguirzadeh underlined.
“The Leader's support gave a new momentum to the pace of talks and the Iranian negotiating team. This support will give an upper hand to the Iranian negotiators and strengthen the air looming over the current nuclear talks", he noted.
Acting Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) quoting the Leader in his current nuclear address said "The Leader favored a good deal, adding that the Leader's support will certainly have positive impact on the nuclear talks, international air as well as other negotiating partners".
This senior lawmaker underlined "The Leader's viewpoints verified clearly that he is against any bad deal and that the Iranian negotiating team will follow this guidelines not to submit to any bad accord".
He continued "As it was clear in the Leader's guidelines, he opposed the procedure to be followed in the talks wherein the two sides initially reach a general nuclear agreement in certain time frame and confirm the details at later stage. "
In conclusion Jahanguirzadeh expressed that presence of the Leadership is the blessings for all of us and such an office will help to ease any rare probable conflict among the officials."


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