Iran the best option of energy supply for Europe

Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Kazem Jalali underlined that Iran is the best option for Europe to import its needed natural gas.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys abundant oil and natural gas reserves and can be considered the best option to guarantee energy supply of Europe" , Jalali said at a meeting with the visiting German delegation from Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Tehran on Monday.
He continued "Europe is also looking for various sources to procure its energy needs, specially gas, adding that due to the current international conditions, and once all points and conditions are taken into consideration, Iran will be the best source for meeting Europe's needs."
He underlined that Europe is vulnerable when it comes to supplying energy needs and Iran can respond to Europe's pressing demands.
Jalali pointed to the broadened cooperation between Iran and Europe in different areas, and said, "Iran's unique capacities provides Europe with innumerable opportunities."
Referring to the current nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 Group, Jalali said "Zionist regime and certain regional states are against a nuclear deal."
On the current nuclear talks underway between Iran and the major world powers, Jalali stressed "A transparent deal with no room for interpretation which can guarantee nuclear rights of Iran in compliance with international norms is fully supported by our people and all the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran".
Jalali shed light on the alarming perpetration of heinous terrorist acts in the region and said "Terrorism is currently an issue of grave concerns to the region and the world, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran has mustered all its power in the face of extremist group, most particularly the ISIS terrorist group.
Condemning acts of terrorism in any form, he called for the worldwide support to eradicate the sinister plight of terrorism.
He underlined that a clear distinction should be drawn between the acts of extremist groups and the Islamic religion, adding that certain western media ploys intend to abuse the current situation to fan wave of Islamophobia.
As the Chair of Delegation for Relation with EU, Jalali referred to the encouraging background of parliamentary relations between Iran and Europe and said "We have always welcomed visiting delegations from different countries, including Europe, expressing hope that some events that have marred the smooth running of the relations are avoided".
The Chair of visiting delegation, Josef Weiden Holzer for his part said "There have been fruitful grounds for joint cooperation between Iran and Europe, regretting that such opportunities have been lost, particularly on the part of Europe.
He expressed hope that  the enormous opportunities existing for cooperation can be used in the best way possible.
"Cooperation with Iran is of great significance for us, because Iran can be counted on as a reliable partner for Europe, though there are some people who are against such cooperation", he underlined.
He continued "Iran has taken substantial measures in the fight against ISIS and we hope that the terrorist groups can be eradicated with the help of Iran."
In conclusion, Holzer expressed hope that a final deal can be reached between Iran and P5+1 group of countries and we can witness further expansion of joint cooperation in various fields.  


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