Western Tug of War under Zionist Lobbies

"Zionist regime premier resorted to every media ploys to galvanize radical groups by his controversial address in the US Congress", said J. Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Chief of the Islamic Parliament Research Center ( IPRC).

Talking to Khane Mellat (Parliament) News Agency he said "Nuclear talks have always marked by vicissitudes in various phases since the time started , adding that the negotiations were fruitful in the previous round and hope that the current phase underway in Montreux does not fail and come up with substantive results".
A senior lawmaker representing Urumieh Constituency in the Parliament, Jahanguirzadeh touched on Zionist regime provocative acts to influence the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 group, he said "Israeli regime Premier tried to influence Congress through his controversial address as this regime could gain nothing through its media hype and numerous lobbies to pressure international opinion."
"It is now up to the western countries, particularly the US to prove whether they can decide independently or are under the influence of a usurper regime", he underlined.
Jahnguirzadeh concluded by saying "The negotiating team of Iran with a higher capacity than before is a reliable team that has firmly abided by the redlines outlined in the ongoing nuclear talks with major world powers", Jahanguirzadeh underscored.


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