Meeting to examine implementation of Health Evolution Plan

Sustainability of resources is an imperative parameters for the sustained and better implementation of the Health Evolution Plan in the Islamic Republic of Iran, said Kazemi Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center ( IPRC)

Jalali made the remarks at a meeting held here on Monday (9 March) to examine various aspects of the Health Evolution Plan launched by Health Ministry of Rouhani's Administration.
Present at this meeting were Deputy Chief of the Center for Social and Cultural Studies, Acting Minister of Health, some Deputy Ministers, some officials from Social Security Organizations, and some concerned directors and experts.
Referring to the Health Evolution Plan as a positive measure, Jalali stated" Surveys shows proportional satisfaction of people as the plan has covered a portion of their medical expenses".
"This plan should be thoroughly scrutinized in order to identify and remedy the weak points", Head of the IPRC noted.
Jalali appreciated the Ministry's positive interaction with IPRC and expressed hope that the interactive meetings continues in future.



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