IPRC to hold Seminar on Resistance Economy with Participation of the Heads of three branches of power

Islamic Parliament of Iran Research Center (IPRC) intends to hold a Seminar on Resistance Economy in June 2015, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the IPRC.

"This Seminar which will focus on examination of the pivotal status of the Resistance Economy in the 6th Development Plan will be attended by the heads of the three branches of power", Jalali announced.
"The sixth Development Plan is the 3rd plan covered in the 2025 Forward-Looking Document, and shoulders a heavy burden toward realization of the envisaged goals", Jalali underlined, addressing the Seminar on Scientific and Technological Policies of the 6th Development Plan on Tuesday ( March 10).
He said "Realization of the goals outlined in the Forward-Looking Document within the specified period hinges upon the sovereign national will and full cooperation of the three branches of power as well as the highest involvement of the people of all walks of life."
Jalali continued "References to policies of resistance economy and statements of the Supreme Leader in this respect one can imply that in the Leader's view resistance economy is identical to knowledge-based economy."
It is to be noted that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that before drawing up the sixth economic development plan, an accurate assessment should be made about the factors behind the failure of the previous five-year development plans.
"In order to fully identify the hurdles to effective development, studies should be carried out to prevent the repetition of those things which actually made it impossible to achieve the goals that were set" the President said.
Activating the private sector, developing the agricultural sector, strengthening human resources, creating jobs, improving macroeconomic indices, such as economic growth and the capital market, increasing the role of banks in financing projects, boosting productivity, developing infrastructure projects, such as railroads and ports, facilitating the import of new technologies, managing water resources, stabilizing the foreign exchange market, and prioritizing higher education, which is necessary for the job market, are some of the priorities for drafting the sixth five-year development plan, the Iranian president stated.


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