Blatant invasion of Yemen sovereignty by Saudi led coalition

Saudi military attack on Yemen supported by its Arab and western allies is flagrant violation of Yemen's territorial integrity, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

Talking to Tasnim News Agency, Jalali said "Yemen neighboring Arab states and major world powers must hear the voice of Yemenis people to recognize the demands of this nation".
Underlying recognition of Yemenis national demands as a sovereign state, Jalali said "It runs counter to all the prevailing norms to suppress democracy in a sovereign country and invade its territory under any excuses whatsoever".
Head of the IPRC condemned Saudi aggressive acts supported by its allies, adding that “the voice of Yemenis people marching in different streets of Yemen must be heard and their demands respected.”
“If western states are really sincere in their democratic allegations, they must listen to the voice of democracy in Yemen and support those who risen to set up their own government", Jalali remarked.


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