Lausanne Statement to open new horizon for cooperation

"Lausanne Statement on Iran's nuclear program could pave the way for closer cooperation, though there are some ambiguities for the parties", said Kazem Jalali.

In an exclusive interview with IRIB on Lausanne Statement, Jalali said "This document contains a general framework for prospect of cooperation, while we have to be patient until the time when the final comprehensive agreement is signed by all negotiating parties".
Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) noted "There are different interpretations of the content of Lausanne Statement. A group of people believe that Iran has lost everything under this statement, while others are filled with enthusiasm."
He continued "Lausanne Statement only outlines the framework for the final phase of negotiations that is intended to lead the two sides to reach a comprehensive agreement."
The last leg in negotiations to finalize the comprehensive deal will need more transparency", Jalali concluded.


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