Dr. Jalali says:

Iran's Nuclear talks a real test for West honesty

“Lausanne Statement is but a mere outlines of future talks and should be considered reasonably”, said Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

Speaking to Fars News Agency, Jalali referred to our red lines to be observed in the nuclear talks as reiterated by the Supreme Leader.
He said "Supreme Leader's guidelines are of great significance to both our negotiating team and the western side, adding that they (major powers) should take due note of such guidelines designated by the Iranian great leader.
"Also as underlined by the Supreme Leader, current nuclear negotiations serve as a test of west's honesty to reveal whether they have corrected their past wrong behavior", Jalali remarked.
"The Supreme Leader has also stressed that Iran's current negotiations with P5+1 states focuses merely on nuclear issue and it would be possible to negotiate on other issues later if the west proves its honesty", Jalali quoted.


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