Head of the IPRC, Kazem Jalali says:

Democracy cannot be established through violence and terrorist acts

In a meeting with Kazem Jalali, the senior Iranian lawmaker, Swedish foreign ministry's special envoy for Syrian affairs in Tehran on Tuesday (20 April), Niklas Keboon called for continued political efforts to work out a solution to the Syrian Crisis, adding that political settlement of the crisis is the only sustainable solution".
He also called Syrian crisis as one of the most intricate issues that has gripped the region in the current years, praising the important role of Iran in the settlement of the crisis.
Jalali, for his part, called diplomatic solution the only solution to the Syrian crisis, attributing many of the terrorist crimes in Syria and Iraq to the wrong policies of certain regional and trans-regional states.
He continued "Any political solution to the Syrian crisis in order to ease the tension by putting an end to the atrocities of terrorist groups requires that the root causes of the crisis are primarily examined".
"Fight against terrorism in the region should address its root causes, otherwise restoration of peace and security in the region will not be possible" , Jalali underlined.
As a member of the Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Jalali said "Waves of democratic inspiration has widely spread across the region, adding that western double standard policies for democratic demands are an issue of great concern in the region, because the west treats democracy according to its own interest".
"The alarming violence fuelled by takfiri groups has spilled over the region and threatens the whole world, particularly the Europe", Jalali stressed.
"Terrorism should be strongly fought in all its forms and manifestations and it is wrong to draw a distinction between good and bad terrorist groups", Head of the IPRC stated.
"No intervention in the affairs of Syria is accepted and Syrian people are entitled to determine their own destiny", he said, adding that the states which wrongfully intervened in the affairs of Syria should rectify their mistakes.
Jalali cautioned that Saudi Arabia's meddling in Yemen, killing innocent people will further deteriorate the situation, giving more leeway to terrorists in the region.
Niclas Kebbon, for his part, said "Syria is hit by an alarming crisis, because terrorist groups from around the world and across Europe gathered there have been able to strengthen themselves.
"Political solution is the only lasting solution to the crisis in Syria, he said, adding that military fighting against foreign terrorist organizations should be taken into account while trying to find a political solution to the Syrian issue."
"Certain western countries that supported military attacks against Syria have now changed their mind and defend political solution to the crisis", he concluded.


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