Kazem Jalali: A just agreement beneficial for region, Iran and the world

Chairperson of Iran Delegation for Relations with European Parliament, Kazem Jalali, said on Thursday that in case of achieving a just agreement in nuclear talks between Iran and Group 5+1, it would be beneficial for the region, Iran and the entire world.

Jalali, who is currently on an official visit to Brussels at the helm of a parliamentary delegation to discuss issues of mutual interest with Members of the European Parliament, made the remarks.
He said in an interview with Belgian Newspaper 'La Libre' and in reply to a question concerning aims of his visit to EP that parliamentary cooperation plays a very important role in promoting bilateral ties.
"If Iran and Europe are to remove the obstacles hindering a good relations, issues should be settled through dialogue", he cited
Jalali added " We have witnessed that the Strasbourg-based EP receives information unreliable sources instead of being in contact with true information channels and real representatives of Iranian people, so such wrong information has caused taking incorrect stances.
Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) continued " the European countries and the EPMs instead of relying on the main issues, engage themselves in peripheral issues, which would not be beneficial for either side.
He explained, for instance, capital punishment (hanging) related to drug traffickers.
Member of the Parliament Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy continued "Islamic Republic of Iran is facing serious threats in the fight against drug traffickers who have targeted the youth, especially in the European countries".
'We have paid heavy expenses to control our long borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan and have even offered 5,000 of our loved ones who were martyred in the fight against plight of drug trafficking, while we are being accused by the European governments of human rights violation", he stated.
Jalali underlined that drugs and terrorism are two faces of the same coin, because financial sources of many terrorist groups like Taliban and al-Qaeda come from narcotics trafficking.
Jalali pointed out that combat against terrorism requires firm will and done honestly for economic interests.
As regards a nuclear deal expected to be reached by the end of June, Jalali stressed that if P5+1 group of countries are really serious to reach a final deal like Iran, it is possible to settle the outstanding issues just like many other problems that have been solved so far.
The regional and trans-regional countries are trying to disrupt the ongoing Iran and  P5+1nuclear negotiations. To this end, president of a European country is currently on a visit to the region to abet sabotage that is underway by a malevolent leader in the Middle East.
The Iranian MP further stressed that international community is bound to confront ISIS without any hesitation under the international law and the governments supporting terrorist groups should stop providing financial, arsenal and intelligence aids to Daesh.


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