Jalali in meeting with Luxembourg's Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn:

Using Iran's capacities needed for regional and international security

Iran is such a stable regional country that using its capacity is necessary for preserving regional and international security, Chairperson of Iran-EP Parliamentary Relations Group, Kazem Jalali, said here on Friday.
Speaking with the visiting Foreign Minister of Luxemburg, Jean Asselborn, Jalali said "The fight against terrorism practically requires taking serious steps and refraining from any lip service."
Referring to the criminal acts committed by the Daesh terrorist group, he said that the wild and criminal acts committed by the ISIS terrorist group against the defenseless and innocent people were conducted under the financial and logistical support of certain countries.
Jalali who is also the Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center said that the Daesh terrorists, after their defeats in Iraq and Syria are seen in the southern and eastern parts of Afghanistan and central Asian countries to recruit forces. The world should be on alert about this issue, as the terrorist are abusing the poor people in those countries.
Referring to Saudi Arabia's moves in Yemen, Jalali said that problems in Yemen could be resolved through dialogue, but the illegal military acts of the Saudi Arabia undermined any such solution, leading to the emergence of greater problems in that country.
"'The Saudi act is an obvious example of interference in another countries internal affairs and it counters to very letters and spirit of international laws", he reiterated.
Luxembourg's Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn, for his part, welcomed the Iranian delegation and said that he has visited Tehran and Isfahan and enjoyed his visit of Iran.
He said that the greatest philosophers of the Islamic world are Iranian, Shi'a Muslims and that is a great pride for the Iranians.
Asselborn added that Iran-Luxembourg relations are expanding and that such meetings following the success in the nuclear negotiations can further expand relations between the two countries.
On the criminal acts perpetrated by the ISISI terrorist group in the region, including in Mosul and the other Iraqi cities, he said that in a visit of the region he eye witnessed those horrendous events.
On the current developments, Luxembourg's top diplomat expressed hope that the recent ceasefire there will be both real and last longer than initially scheduled.


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