Dr. Jalali:

NARS Delegation to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran

A parliamentary research delegation led by the Chief of the National Assembly Research Service (NARS) of the Republic of Korea will arrive in Tehran today, Sunday (May 10, 2015) said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

The visit is being made at the official invitation of Kazem Jalali in reply to Jalali's participation at the 5th International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Services held in Seoul in November last year.
"Expansion of parliamentary research cooperation between NARS and IPRC is the main purpose of this visit, Jalali said, adding that "the NARS delegation will meet some parliamentary and research officials as well."
NARS and IPRS established research cooperation two years ago with participation of Dr. Jalali at the 4th International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Cooperation held in Seoul at the initiative of the National Assembly Research Service.
Jalali said that the two sides have launched major efforts to enhance their research cooperation by holding joint seminars.
Under the initiative of Dr. Jalali, a joint seminar for parliamentary research cooperation is also expected to be held on 12 May in Tehran. This joint session aims at discussing the role of legislative think tanks as advisory arms of the affiliated parliaments in law making process.
"In the context of bilateral relations, the NARS delegation is expected to meet Chairpersons of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy and the Committee on Education, Research and Technology", Jalali cited.
"NARS delegation led by the Chief of this Parliamentary Research Body visited Tehran last year to attend the first Joint Seminar for Parliamentary Research Cooperation which resulted in the signing of an MOU between NARS and IPRC", Jalali concluded.


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